April 15, 2016


I started blogging on Blogger in 2005 under a different URL - a small slice of a quote by Goethe. I switched to the current URL containing my name just before publishing Between the Lines. Now I'm writing what will eventually be my eighth book, and it's time I leave Blogger.

I've wanted a new website for years, and I finally took the plunge when I found a web designer I could trust and afford. Now didn't seem to be the best timing, considering all the personal/familial stuff I've had going on, but it was in motion so I let it go forward, and I'm glad I did.

Please join me at TammaraWebber.com, and consider signing up for the newsletter, which will be infrequent, judging by the blogging I've done lately. I'll try to send once each month to keep followers abreast of current releases, sales, giveaways, and of course, whatever blog posts I manage to publish.

(If you prefer to continue using a feed to get blog posts only, go here: New Blog Feed)

Thank you for following me here. I hope to see you at the new place.