September 30, 2010

Making Molehills Outta Mountains

So I decided something very late last night. Or maybe early this morning?

I need another rewrite on MS1. I know what's bothering me about it - it lacks an important POV. From the outside, adding a POV might seem like no biggie. I've got the story and the dialogue, so I just change who's narrating, right?

Unfortunately, adding a POV can be sticky and complicated. It means the reader will take rides in someone else's head, resulting in not only already-written scene POV changes... but whole new scenes, because we're hitching a ride inside someone new.

Dammit, this would be a good time to be idealistic and have no attention to detail, because I'm staring at a mountain and thinking *UGH*.

September 29, 2010

Contrary to Pop Music Messages, Time is not on My Side

On a positive note, I am writing! MS2 is literally a few dozen words from 50k, in a nice spot to finish at approximately 75k words - perfect for YA .

Research this week: LOC (loss of consciousness), Glasgow coma scale, drug slang, sermons about doubt and temptation, house construction schedule, roofies.

This Week's Fear: I'm writing porn for teenagers.

I read Johanna Lindsey books (and the like) when I was a teenager, well ahead of any sexual experience I may or may not have had. Ahem. Reading those books (1) gave me some darned unrealistic views of relationships, love and sex, but (2) did not make me run out into the street and bang the first cute guy I happened upon.

I want to write realistically. All girls are not quivering, spineless, overly self-conscious wimps. But some are. All girls are not strong, capable, take-no-prisoners-or-any-shit leader-types... but some are. Guys run the gamut from unbearably sweet to utter asshole. Teachers are supportive and nurtering to cruel and calculating. Some kids curse like proverbial sailors, smoke, drink, do drugs, cut, vomit their lunches, or go to school hung over... and some would never.

A realistic book isn't going to shy away from anything the story needs to stay true. So I guess when I say I want to write realistically, what I mean is: I want to stay true to the story and the characters, whatever that truth is.