November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons to think positively about half-missing the night table with my one-sip-taken coffee cup this morning:

10. I've been meaning to have the carpets cleaned... and now I have a good excuse.

9. The scattershot bed frame, night table and lingerie chest are all wipeable.

8. I needed new houseshoes anyway.

7. Husband is in a really good mood because it wasn't him who screwed up our morning.

6. My favorite coffee cup is still intact.

5. I managed to miss the brand new first-bedding-I've-bought-myself-in-ten-years.

4. Also missed the cat (husband doesn't count this in the Top Ten, but I gave him #7).

3. I'm totally and completely wide awake in a way that coffee alone cannot do.

2. It isn't throw-up.

1. There's more coffee.

November 7, 2012

How I Did It

Kirkus Reviews asked me to contribute to their popular "How I Did It" column. My post published today, and you can find it here.

Yesterday, Easy was released into the wild.

On a day most of us in the US were focused on the Presidential elections, Paul and I took time out from the all-day election return coverage to have lunch and duck into a local Barnes & Noble to see if they had copies of my book out on the shelf. They did. (Also on the floor, under a table in the center aisle.)

Book on a shelf. Check. Now what?

Well, I'm about to disappear into my Cave. Email, Facebook and Twitter responses are going to slow down. Coffee consumption will increase. I may or may not be wearing the tiara my friend Tess gave me at lunch a couple of months ago (modeled below, along with her daughter, Claire... who looks enough like me that I might steal her at some point and get away with it).

If you purchased my book, whether in indie form or the new Penguin/Berkley edition, thank you so much for your support of my dream. I wish I had tiaras enough for everyone.