About Me: I write New Adult Romance. Easy is my New York Times bestselling NA contemporary novel, the first in the CONTOURS OF THE HEART series. Coming soon: Breakable - Lucas's story! BETWEEN THE LINES is my contemporary Hollywood YA/NA series. All books are available from select booksellers and online from: Amazon, Amazon UKiBooksBarnes & Noble, Kobo, Books-a-MillionIndieBound, and the Book Depository.

I'm a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life. Before writing full-time, I was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon. I married my high school sweetheart, and I'm Mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

WTH is New Adult? New Adult is the term the publishing world (authors, readers, agents and publishers) has adopted to describe novels concerning characters who are technically adults, but still in that decisive coming-of-age phase - generally 17-23. Story focus may include college/university life as well as other life-altering milestones like assumption of responsibilities previously handled by parents/guardians, decisive career choices, movement toward financial independence, and that first serious, meaningful relationship.

When's the release of Breakable?
The publication dates are MAY 6, 2014 (Penguin/ Berkley US), and MAY 7, 2014 (Penguin/ Razorbill UK). I'm not sure of publication dates for translation editions yet.

Book Signings/Conferences: Barnes & Noble: Glendale, CA (May 6, 2014 at 7 PM) / RT Convention: New Orleans, LA (May 17, 2014) / BookBash: Orlando, FL (June 28, 2014) / Summer Lovin' Reader Party: Temecula, CA (July 12, 2014) / Vegas Valley Book Festival 2014: Las Vegas, NV (October 18, 2014). (All appearances are subject to change, though if one is listed here, I've committed to it and fully intend to attend.)

Who are those pretty people on Easy and Breakable? The cover models of Easy and Breakable are believed to be Dusan Novakovic and Bojana Popovic. Hey! Someone put Lucas & Jacqueline on their book! Yes, I'm aware that these two have been featured on other covers (and a hair color ad!). The photos I licensed in early 2012, while I was writing Easy, are in my Lucas & Jacqueline folder on Facebook.

Is Breakable a sequel to Easy? No, Breakable is Lucas's story - a companion novel to Easy. It's part prequel, part Easy-overlap in Lucas's point of view. If you intend to read both books, my recommendation is to read Easy first. (Note: I wrote Easy as a stand-alone novel for a specific audience about a specific issue. I wrote Breakable for readers who wanted a more in-depth look at Lucas - his past and his view of Jacqueline and the Easy story.)

CONTOURS OF THE HEART series... does that mean there will be more in the Easy universe? Maaaaybe. More stories about Lucas & Jacqueline? No, Breakable will be the last Lucas/Jacqueline story.

Are you going to write more about the characters in the BETWEEN THE LINES series? Nope. This four-book series is now complete - the final book, Here Without You, released in August 2013.

Why so long between books??? The average amount of time it takes me to write a book is six to eight months. I rarely outline, generally allow the characters to run a bit amok once I've dropped them into the story, and revise/self-edit repeatedly the entire time I write. In the past, I've made excuses and/or felt guilty about this, but I've made peace with the fact that this is how I write.

After I turn in the manuscript, there are revisions, copy editing, formatting for digital and paper release, pass pages to review, and cover design. Eleventy-billion people look the whole thing over to make sure it looks as we expect it to look... and then the sales team talks it up to booksellers and takes orders. All of that takes time, and it's as frustrating to authors as it is to readers, because once we're done writing, we want you to read it!

Why can't I comment on posts? It's not you. It's me.

Writing/Self-Publishing Advice: Any success I've enjoyed as an author can be attributed to a combination of hard work, blind luck, and fantastic emotional support. As much as I'd like to, I don't have time to write back to everyone who asks me questions about my journey as an author. Most questions are answered in this post: Indie Writing FAQs. Need a critique partner or writing circle? Here's one of many places to start: CritiqueCircle.com. Finally, sometimes you just need to put your butt in the seat. Here are my Rules of the Writing Cave.

Representation: Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich handles all questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my work. Please direct inquiries regarding film rights availability to her, and inquiries about foreign translation rights to Lauren Abramo, also of Dystel & Goderich.

Review copies and Blog Tours: There will be a limited amount of Breakable ARCs made available by my publicists at Penguin Berkley (US) and Penguin Razorbill (UK). Book reviewers/ bloggers: please email your request to me (address below), along with whether you are primarily a US or UK blogger (so I'll know which publicist to forward your request to) and the link to your review website/blog.

Interview requests:
 My primary job is writing, but I agree to do interviews from time to time if I think they'll be helpful and/or enjoyable for readers. Please include a link to your blog/website with your request, and the general topic of the interview. You may hear back from me directly or one of my publicists. (Note: I rarely agree to guest posts, as I seldom have enough time to meet my own posting goals.)

Promotional requests (donations of books/swag for blogiversaries or giveaways): Please include links to reviews you've done of my book(s). I get lots of these requests from many lovely, hardworking book reviewers/bloggers, and I respect the hard work each and every one of you do. That said - if you want me to help promote your blog, I need to see that you're helping me promote my books.

Blurbs: My outside reading time is severely limited by writing obligations, and I only recommend books (in blurbs, reviews, or on social media) that I've read and loved. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these are books I chose for myself. I'm always flattered by requests to read someone's work, but at present, I only blurb authors I know personally. Please contact my agent, Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich, for any additional specifics.

Email: For questions/requests not addressed on this page or in any of the referenced posts, or for other stuff you want to say/ask, please feel free to email me. These parameters make it possible for me to answer my own email, so please check for answers above before emailing, and thank you for your patience while waiting for a reply: tammarawebber (at) hotmail (dot) com

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